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'Here's to the frontline warriors!' Heartfelt new song by Brown & Gray pays tribute to the selfless nurses who have been fighting the coronavirus pandemic

A new music video from the duo Brown & Gray pays tribute to nurses during the coronavirus pandemic.

The song, 'You Didn't Have To,' spotlights all the selfless ways in which nurses help their patients and thanks them for their hard work.

The subject is particularly near and dear to singer Sam Gray's heart: His own mother is a retired nurse who spent decades helping others.

In the lyrics, Sam and his bandmate-turned-wife Kaci Brown praise nurses for all that they do — and the fact that they so often do it without getting credit.

'Here's to the one's that'll never take credit,' Sam sings. 'Here’s to the ones that won’t admit it, I hope you know, we’re all thanking God for you. 

'And here’s to the ones on call all night, don't think twice about the sacrifice, here’s to the extra mile that you take it to. 

'Here’s to the frontline warriors to being brave for all of us.'

In the chorus, the pair note all the things that nurses do without much notice, from making patients laugh to holding their hands to praying for them.

'You didn’t have to risk your life. If everybody loved like you did, the world would be a whole lot better,' they sing.

As they perform, images of nurses flash on the screen, with many begging others to wear a mask. 

Sam — who was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, but now lives across the pond in Nashville, Tennessee — explained on Instagram why the song means so much to him.

'This song is so important to me because my mum is a nurse of 35 years and has dedicated her life to helping others on the front line,' he said.

'I feel like it's a song in honor of her and all the hours that she's put into nursing, and all the other billions of people across the world who put themselves on the front line every day.

Kaci added: 'When people are this selfless, the least we can do is say thank you and this song is our thank you.' 

Sam's mother, Jane Gray, worked as a Midwifery Sister before she had her two kids, then spent ten years working in Sunningdale Nursing Home.

She went on to work three years at the Hull IVF unit at Princess Royal Hospital and 22 years in general practice at GP surgery as a Practice Nurse before retiring.