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Top 25 Best Online Nursing Informatics for 2019

The variety of specializations in nursing means that there is a place in nursing for nearly every kind of interest and skills, from research to law to technology. Nursing informatics, in particular, has become one of the most in-demand and fastest-growing nursing specializations. Nursing informatics is where nursing and Big Data meet; NI specialists are responsible for wrangling, organizing, and analyzing the mass of information that is generated in the process of nursing. All of the medical coding and charting that so many RNs complain about taking up so much of their time? That’s where Nursing Informatics thrives.

Nursing informatics is a complex occupation, requiring knowledge of nursing and the healthcare system in general, but also highly technical understanding of data management. Because of this complexity, nursing informatics is often taught an interdisciplinary field, sometimes as a collaboration between different colleges. The level of training and experience necessary to succeed in nursing informatics means getting a Master’s of Science in Nursing. Nursing School Hub has ranked the best online nursing informatics MSN programs, with an emphasis on programs that understand working nurses’ need for flexibility and convenience. 



An online MSN is a sound choice for working nurses who want to move into nursing informatics, and to guide prospective students to the best programs for their needs, NSH researched all of the online MSN-NI programs in the US. So that students can trust their program to show a real return on investment and impact on their career, we ranked programs according to four elements:

  • Reputation (U.S. News Nursing rank)
  • Salary Expectations (College Scorecard)
  • Student Satisfaction (Niche reviews)
  • Tuition Cost (IPEDS)

With these factors, students know they’re getting a program that has proven itself to students and experts alike.

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