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There is a Place for You at NSA

Whatever expertise you bring to our team at the National Security Agency, your unique skills will play a role in protecting our families, friends, communities, service members, and ultimately, the nation.

All Roles are Mission Critical

NSA’s SIGINT mission collects intelligence about our foreign adversaries. Our cybersecurity mission safeguards critical U.S. information. Both of these duties demand a team of technical experts as well as business and HR professionals, linguists, intelligence analysts, communications specialists and more. We have career opportunities in 17 different fields, so there is truly something for everyone.

When You Take Care of the Nation, The Nation Takes Care of You

NSA supports its diverse workforce through benefits and opportunities that foster both work-life balance and career development. Along with a fantastic federal benefits package and a generous amount of paid time off, we also offer flexible schedules, relocation assistance, robust well-being services and countless opportunities to advance your career through training and mentorship.

There is Job Security in Protecting National Security

NSA’s work isn’t subject to market volatility or economic downturns. The threats to our nation never stop ­– and neither do we.

Visit to learn about our mission and how you can have a rewarding career that safeguards the country’s future ­– and your own.

National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD, USA
The National Security Agency (NSA), America's premier cryptologic organization, is seeking experienced, doctoral-level Clinical Psychologists. The successful candidates will join one of three distinct teams; all multidisciplinary requiring flexibility within a dynamic work environment. (1) Psychological Services - Assessment The selected individual will apply professional psychological knowledge and skills to conduct mission-related risk assessments, consultations, and trainings. These functions play a vital role in assisting internal customers with making security, suitability and/or management decisions. Specific job duties may include: (a) assessment of applicants, employees and affiliates; (b) consultation to security regarding security clearances and other adjudicative decisions; (c) selection of individuals for sensitive/high-risk assignments; (d) screening of civilian and military personnel for pre- and post-deployment processing; and (e) consultation to supervisors and...

National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD, USA
The need to maintain our core Computer Science group is vital to provide the technical capabilities necessary to successfully execute NSA's mission. The increased complexity of supporting NSA's mission requires world class researchers, programmers, and developers who operate in teams in areas such as software engineering, information technology infrastructure, high performance computing, data science, architectures, computer security, and networking in order to design and develop advanced tools, techniques, and systems. Computer Systems Security Managers (CSSMs) at the NSA play a vital role in maintaining the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the Agency computing infrastructure. As a CSSM at the NSA, your responsibilities may include: - Supporting a program, organization, system, or enclave - Reviewing investigative processing of security incidents - Developing or interpreting computer security policies - Overseeing, evaluating and supporting the security...

National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD, USA
National Security Agency's Police Officers provide armed and uniformed security, force protection, and law enforcement functions in support of NSA's mission, assets, personnel, and facilities headquartered in and around Fort Meade. The NSA Police Force is an integral part of the NSA Security and Counterintelligence organization, which provides NSA worldwide counterintelligence, personnel, and facilities security support. Primary Responsibilities: - Counterterrorism & Force Protection - Pedestrian and vehicular access control - Response and mitigation of security, medical, and fire emergencies - Critical incident management - Enforcement of laws and regulations relative to the protection of NSA assets - Vehicle, facility, and material security inspections - Firearms training and range management - Patrol of NSA property The National Security Agency (NSA) has a current and ongoing requirement for personnel to serve as Full-time officers with the NSA Police on its...

National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD, USA
The National Security Agency is a leader in deploying high-caliber solutions, continually moving forward and contributing to industry leading technologies. We are looking for results driven individuals that strive for excellence, enjoy the challenges of a fast paced environment and the desire to make a difference. We are looking for talented networking professionals to design, develop, deploy, sustain and monitor state-of-the-art network solutions (WAN, CAN, LAN, DCN and Satellite communications networks) that are deployed across NSA worldwide. Network Professionals are hired into positions directly supporting a technical mission office or one of the different development programs like the Information Technology Development Program (ITDP) which is a three-year full-time development program. The goal of the development program is to provide entry-level information technology specialists (that is, individuals with degrees in computer science, information systems, information...

National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD, USA
NSA Research Scientists are actively expanding the boundaries of what can be accomplished with artificial intelligence, machine learning, human-machine teaming, software reverse engineering, data science, novel architectures, cyber security, high performance computing, and computational linguistics. Our experts generalize mission problems, advance the scientific state-of-the-art to solve problems, and work with other NSA organizations to get solutions in front of mission users and decision-makers. Our researchers also have the opportunity to collaborate regularly with the scientific community, academia, industry, and other government laboratories; publish papers on unclassified aspects of our work in scientific journals and at conferences; transfer NSA technology to the marketplace through open source software releases and public-private partnerships; serve as faculty members at local universities; and participate in university and K-12 STEM outreach activities across the...

National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD, USA
Testing & Evaluation Specialists at the NSA develop unit and system tests to evaluate compliance with customer requirements. They also conduct testing and evaluate cyberspace operations capabilities and the effects of developed capabilities. They make recommendations based on results. Some positions are responsible for performing penetration testing, mimicking real-world attacks to identify methods for circumventing the security features of NSA applications, systems and networks. Testing & Evaluation Specialists apply principles, methods, and tools for testing & evaluating computer or computer-related equipment/computing systems. Based on testing results, Test and Evaluation Specialist may assist network and system professionals in the troubleshooting and re-creation of test scenarios. As an experienced testing professional, NSA has opportunity for you to contribute, learn, and grow in virtually any Computer Science focus area, including: development, penetration,...

National Security Agency Fort Meade, MD, USA
NSA is seeking experienced (3 or more years) Software Engineers to advance a number of high impact systems and teams. Opportunities change constantly, but recent needs include: large scale platform development (hardware and software, HPC, cloud); accessibility development (508 compliance); AI/ML; complex algorithms and cryptography. Most positions are located in Fort Meade, MD, with very limited opportunities in Aurora, CO; Fort Gordon, GA; Kunia/Wahiawa, HI; and San Antonio, TX. As a SWE at NSA, your work makes the world a safer place in countless ways including: saving lives of U.S. and ally soldiers; providing U.S. policy and decision makers with critical, timely intelligence; ensuring the continued safety of U.S. citizens and residents by thwarting foreign adversaries; and defending vital networks. The Agency offers a work/life balance that is hard to beat, with flexible work schedules, generous leave policies, and a number of continuing education programs to help meet your...