Jul 30, 2021

Senior Executive Leader - Deputy Inspector General, NSA

  • National Security Agency
  • Fort Meade, MD, USA

Job Description

Serves in an official position of Defense Senior Executive Level Leader regardless of his/her organizational level. Assures that the Agency achieves its mission by developing its major programs, goals, and plans. Responsible for the overall success or failure of Agency programs and initiatives, and delegates program implementation tasks--the day-to-day or functional work activities--to mid-level managers. Considers Agency goals and performance strategically, by setting the Agency's overall direction via its strategic plans. As a result, often works with people and organizations outside his/her immediate organization--to include the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense at large--to defend controversial or critical long-range NSA plans. Provides authoritative advice, serves as NSA spokesperson, and is ultimately accountable for effective and efficient Agency operations and its compliance with policy (to include approving out-year budget documents). Exhibits leadership competencies and behaviors for all to follow, as well as offers mentoring opportunities to subordinates to ensure the development of a cadre of future Senior Leaders. Pursuant to the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, and in accordance with NSA/CSS Policy, the NSA/CSS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) conducts audits, inspections, evaluations, and investigations. The vision of the NSA OIG is to promote positive change through impactful oversight. We carry out our responsibilities consistent with our core values of integrity, independence, and transparency. We embrace a collaborative and inclusive working environment that supports OIG personnel in developing and utilizing their skills and creativity. The OIG's mission is to conduct independent oversight that promotes Agency respect for Constitutional rights, adherence to laws, rules, and regulations, and the wise use of resources. Through investigations and reviews, we detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct, and promote the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of Agency operations. The Deputy Inspector General (D/IG) reports to the IG and is responsible for executive leadership, direction, management, and conduct of the full range of Inspector General functions consistent with our vision, values, and mission. The D/IG supervises a diverse team of over approximately 100 professional, administrative, and technical employees in the OIG. The D/IG has the following specific duties: ' Partners with the IG in establishing program policies, objectives, and priorities. ' Leads the development of strategic plans to accomplish the mission of the OIG. ' Supervises Assistant Inspectors General, the OIG Counsel, and others as required. ' Oversees critical organization functions involving the full range of OIG functions, including audits, inspections, intelligence oversight and other evaluations, investigations, management and planning, legal, and legislative programs. ' Reviews and comments on draft OIG reports and provides direction and guidance to teams conducting such work. ' Oversees the provision of input on Congressional inquiries related to OIG matters. ' Interacts with other senior Agency leaders, and acts on the IG's behalf, inside and outside the Agency, when the IG is unavailable and otherwise. ' Works with the OIG senior leadership team to oversees the OIG, including budget preparation, hiring, training, space, security, data analysis, annual and ongoing planning, promotions, awards, and the OIG follow-up system. ' Directs the development of internal and external communication, semiannual reports to the Congress, and other reports and activities consistent with law, policy, and IG Community practices. ' Works with the Counsel to the IG and others to ensure the appropriate and timely development of OIG policies, standards, processes, and procedures. ' Acts as OIG liaison to Agency and external governmental entities.

All current and former civilian Federal employees must also submit a copy of your most recent Notification of Personal Action (SF-50), noting your current position, grade level and salary level, in order to be considered for this position. In addition to the Executive Core Qualifications outlined in the Weighted Selection Criteria, the ideal applicant will have demonstrated integrity, as well as independence and objectivity. The individual should possess superior judgment and analytical skills and be able to communicate effectively with senior military and civilian officials inside and outside NSA. The ability to convey critical or negative information candidly, concisely, accurately, and constructively to the highest levels of authority is essential. Applicants should demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics: ' A broad NSA or Intelligence Community background, including an understanding of the laws and policies applicable to NSA activities; ' IG or similar oversight experience; ' Substantial experience at an executive level interacting with leadership in large organizations inside or outside government; and ' Ability in accounting, auditing, law, public administration, investigations, intelligence, financial, or management analysis. Leadership experience is essential, preferably in managing a multidisciplinary work force through subordinate supervisors. Minimum requirements for qualification for this position are a bachelor's degree (advanced degrees and professional certification in related fields are preferred) and ten years' experience in a related field.

WEIGHTED SELECTION CRITERIA Leading Change (15 points) The principal function of the OIG is to provide oversight that improves the Agency's effectiveness and efficiency, helps achieve mission, and detects and deters fraud, waste, abuse, and misconduct. Consequently, the D/IG must: ' Lead the OIG in conducting audits, inspections, and evaluations, and investigations directed toward detecting and preventing waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct throughout the NSA/CSS, and promoting the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of Agency programs and operations. ' Develop insights into problems and apply innovative solutions to produce organizational improvements; create a work environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation; design and implement programs to satisfy oversight requirements. ' Examine policy issues and strategic planning with a long-term perspective; determine objectives and set priorities; anticipate threats and opportunities. ' Act as a catalyst for organizational change. ' Supervise special projects and initiatives related to issues outside of OIG audits, evaluations, inspections, and investigations as required. Leading People (15 points) The OIG is a complex entity whose professional personnel have extremely varied skills and backgrounds. Consequently, the D/IG must: ' Instill trust and confidence; provide leadership that creates a culture that fosters professional behavior and the highest ethical standards; behave fairly and ethically toward others, demonstrate corporate responsibility and commitment to public service. ' Counsel and rate supervisors and employees on measurable, mission-related performance objectives in accordance with established criteria; serve as the pay-pool manager. ' Guide employees through ongoing feedback and goal setting; update Individual Development Plans in accordance with established criteria; ensure equal access to professional and career development for all employees. ' Foster an atmosphere that encourages employees to come forward when they believe something is wrong and ensures that they never suffer reprisal for doing so. ' Develop and implement measures to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, high quality work force; manage an inclusive work place that maximizes the talents of each person; value individual differences; develop measures and rewards to hold self and others accountable for achieving results that embody the principles of diversity. Results Driven (20 points) The OIG serves the interests of the Agency and those who oversee its activities in the executive and congressional branches of government, as well as the public at large. Consequently, the D/IG must: ' Balance varying interests and requests; readjust priorities to respond to pressing and changing demands; anticipate and meet the needs of those with an interest in the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of Agency operations; achieve quality end-products; commit to continuous improvement of services. ' Assure that effective controls are maintained to ensure the integrity of the OIG; hold self and others accountable to the highest professional standards; ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and in a manner that maximizes their impact in driving positive change; monitor and evaluate work plans; measure attainment of OIG recommendations by Agency management. ' Make sound decisions that are effective and timely, even when data is limited or solutions produce unpleasant consequences; anticipate the implications of decisions. ' Understand and apply procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to areas of specialized expertise; understand links between administrative competencies and mission needs. Business Acumen (15 points) Like all government components, as well as the Agency that the OIG oversees, the OIG must operate in accordance with sound business principles. Consequently, the D/IG must: ' Demonstrate broad understanding of financial management and ensure appropriate funding; use cost-benefit analysis to set priorities; establish an appropriate budget tailored to meet organizational needs, monitor expenditures; identify cost-effective approaches to ensure the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of OIG operations. ' Assess staffing needs based on organizational goals and budget realities; make sound hiring and capital resource decisions; address training and development needs; use merit principles; take corrective action. Communications and Coalitions (20 points) Agency leadership and peers across the IC and OIG communities must trust NSA's OIG and respect the competence and integrity of its personnel, and the NGO community and the public look to OIGs as a source of transparent independent oversight. Consequently, the D/IG must: ' Develop networks and build alliances; engage in cross-functional activities; find common ground with a wide range of stakeholders across the IC and OIG communities to achieve significant joint and multi-agency objectives; utilize contacts to strengthen internal support. ' Respond to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people in different situations; exercise tact, be compassionate and sensitive; treat others professionally and with respect. ' Identify the internal and external dynamics that affect the Agency; approach problems with a clear perception of organizational reality; recognize the impact of alternative courses of action. ' Communicate and negotiate effectively with diverse sets of people. ' Apply effective oral and written communication skills. Leading the Intelligence Enterprise (15 Points) The D/IG holds a leadership position and will interact with senior management throughout the IC. Consequently, the D/IG must demonstrate: ' Commitment to collaboration and integration, promoting information sharing and a candid exchange of ideas. ' Deep understanding (or willingness to develop the deep understanding) of how Enterprise NSA/CSS cryptologic sites fit into the US cryptologic enterprise and support operational and intelligence activities in the joint and interagency environment. ' Commitment to IC core values; unquestionable personal integrity.

OPEN TO: DISES/DISL (Tier 2) PAY RANGE: From $172,500 up to $192,000 WORK ROLE: Senior Leader LOCATION: Ft. George G. Meade, MD FULL/PART TIME: FULL TIME REGULAR/TEMPORARY: REGULAR Periodic extended hours may be necessary. International and domestic travel may be required. The incumbent is subject to random drug and polygraph testing. This position requires a TOP SECRET clearance and SPECIAL BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION (SBI)

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