Sep 13, 2021

Archivist - Mid Level

  • National Security Agency
  • Fort Meade, MD, USA

Job Description

The professionals at the National Security Agency (NSA) have one common goal: to protect our nation. The mission requires a strong offense and a steadfast defense. The offense collects, processes and disseminates intelligence information derived from foreign signals for intelligence and counterintelligence purposes. The defense prevents adversaries from gaining access to sensitive classified national security information. Archivists establish and maintain control, both physically and intellectually, over records of enduring value. Select records, a process that requires an understanding of the historical context in which the records were created, their intended uses and their relationships to other sources. Arrange and describe the records, in accordance with accepted standards and practices; ensure the long-term preservation of collections. Assist researchers; plan and direct exhibits, publications and other outreach programs to broaden the use of collections and enlist support for archival programs. Description of Position Archivist responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Apply all Records Disposition Schedules required against historical and current reference to determine and approve release of "Official Permanent Records". Coordinate and oversee the preservation of recorded historical material. Ensure integrity and transition of all permanent records through automated processes (the Electronic Records Management Program). Manage all research requests (e.g., from FOIA Office, Scientific and Technical information collection). Manage and track NSA/CSS releases to National Archives. Manage inventory of permanent records. Assess, preserve, publish and reference public records and historical documents. Obtain, organize and maintain information. Maintain principles and concepts of professional archival work Apply the requirements for handling, couriering, transporting, and safeguarding protected (e.g., FOIA/Privacy Act) and/or classified information. Apply principles, procedures, and tools for data and database management. Arrange information and materials in a useful manner.

Communications personnel at the National Security Agency (NSA) provide NSA with the means to build capacity through timely and effective tailored communications to inform, educate and inspire. Examples include building state-of-the-art websites and web applications for the Agency intranet, performing closed captioning at a live event, designing logos, publishing reports, and maintaining/safeguarding records.

Salary Range: $72,750 - $113,362 (Full Performance) *The qualifications listed are the minimum acceptable to be considered for the position. Salary offers are based on candidates' education level and years of experience relevant to the position and also take into account information provided by the hiring manager/organization regarding the work level for the position. Entry is with a Bachelor's degree plus 3 years of relevant experience, or a Master's degree plus 1 year of relevant experience, or a Doctoral degree and no experience. An Associate's degree plus 5 years of relevant experience may be considered for individuals with in-depth experience that is clearly related to the position. Degree in History or Library Science is preferred, but a degree in any field is acceptable with coursework in Archives, Records Management, History, or Library Science. Relevant experience must be in archiving (including archival administration), records management, history, library science, and/or curation.

The ideal candidate is someone with a desire for continual learning and who possesses strong communication (oral and written), problem-solving, analytic, interpersonal skills, and is: able to manage multiple tasks with competing timelines and deliverables customer and results oriented motivated detail-oriented accountable adaptable able to take action in highly complex situations able to negotiate with and influence others build relationships across the Agency and with external stakeholders, as appropriate able to identify, manage and resolve conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner able to work effectively (independently and/or within teams) across functional areas in a collaborative environment proficient with Microsoft Office suite of tools (i.e., Word, Excel)

This is a full-time position, Monday through Friday.