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Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

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Artificial Intelligence has existed for a while now but its most recent advancements have been truly impactful to the world. Before, only a handful of individuals were involved in artificial intelligence. Now, there are more and more people helping in its development, and more and more users are patronizing the different AI tools available online. AI tools are now available across industries with a wide range of purposes. Here are top uses of AI in healthcare space:

  1. Translation - when it comes to taking care of patients, healthcare professionals may attend to patients from different ethnicities. Communication is very vital with each and every interaction. Therefore, AI tools for translation can truly support and improve these aspects of caring for the patients. 

  1. Clinical Decision - there are tools available now that can aid nurses  in analyzing patient records. From the assessments made and collected, through data gathered via different devices including mobile phones or wearable devices, this information can be fed and processed in order to arrive at various recommendations. 

  1. Predictive Analytics - In light of providing recommendations, some tools can also provide analytics that can show possible outcomes which can allow healthcare professionals take the rightful steps to achieve most desired outcomes.

  1. Drug information - Aside from providing drug information, technology that can return drug interaction can also help nurses and ensure we prevent overdosing, underdosing or combining medications that will lead to serious interaction.

  1. Staffing optimization - With staffing concerns in some of the healthcare facilities, AI can be used to handle some processes. For example, instead of having people answer to common inquiries, AI chatbots can be implemented that can respond to queries. AI acts like a digital worker while working side by side with human workers.

Definitely as time passed, more and more ways are discovered on how AI can aid us in our work regardless of which industry. Healthcare is no exception.